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Bavarian Potato Salad

July 26, 2016

“Guilt Free Carbs!”

Dear Kamaria’s Kitchen,

I am trying to stop purging and I have been seeking out foods which I will be happy to keep down.  Carbs scare me as you can imagine, I love them but at the same time I feel like if I don’t release them from my body I will get fat.  The carbs I mostly eat are fast food, high in fat and have little flavour just feel good foods.  I have been set goals to start eating meals rather than splurging and with friends to just hold it down. May I please have a carb recipe that might help me,  maybe something that goes well with fish? I want to be able to eat with new friends.

Dear Ghostbuster,

It is time for you to conquer those carbs and I want to personally give you a tremendous virtual round of applause for taking the first steps towards fighting the urge to purge.  So many people have problems with carbohydrates whether they have eating disorders or not because it is a food group that is seriously misunderstood.  Carbohydrates are friendly as are sugars as are any other food group if eaten in moderation and within reason as part of a healthy diet.  High fat fast foods are designed to be a quick fix and not something you can really savour.  I have therefore come up with a side taken from an old cookbook that gives fresh potatoes a new sex appeal.  Learn to indulge in a good way, learn to love food again.  What can help with this experience is experimenting with foods where you can really use the senses of sight and smell as well as taste.  Fast food is not very appealing let’s face it so how about you start making beautiful carb rich foods that you will enjoy keeping in your body to let it work it’s magic.  Light heartedness aside carbohydrates keep you alive so please continue to battle these demons and work on your psychological relationship with food.  You are making excellent progress and I really hope others follow in the footsteps of those who reach out to me.  These potatoes go great with a white fish as well.   This recipe makes a few portions so you can cook when having friends over. Enjoy!

Recipe & Method:

  1. Wash 2 pounds of tiny new potatoes and boil until just tender (leave the skin on).
  2. Heat 4 tbsps of olive oil in a frying pan.
  3. Add 4 finely chopped spring onions and 1 crushed garlic clove cooking until soft.
  4. Then add 2 tbsps of freshly chopped dill and cook gently for a minute.
  5. Pour in 2 tbsps of wine vinegar and 1/2 tsp of sugar.
  6. When the sugar melts move from the heat and add a little seasoning.
  7. Drain the potatoes, pour over the dressing.
  8. Season to taste and add a some fine chopped parsley on the top for garnish.
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