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Dream Diet Drink

January 12, 2016

“I’m addicted to fizzy drinks I need an alternative for partying.”

Dear Kamaria’s Kitchen,

I am a very social person and like to hold house parties and do a lot of “get togethers”.  My problem is that I am addicted to fizzy drinks,  I love them mixed with alcohol but I am on a diet which means I can’t take in as much fizzy drinks as I want.  I need to loose weight so I can fit into my super hot bikini but not too much because I like a bit of meat. Infact I have decided to give up fizzy drinks altogether this year can you mix up a party inspired drink or recommend any beverage that can combat my fizzy drink addiction?

Dear Ms Lady who wants to keep it popping without the fun stopping,

I have a great alternative to fizzy drinks which has all the good sugars and allows you to include alcohol.  I have gone for a tropical inspired drink as the ingredients are associated with an irie vibe and has a sophisticated after taste which will be a nice surprise to a standard smoothie.  You can serve this recipe as drinks to friends, which means you won’t feel left out if some decide to opt for a fizzy drink.  Not to mention this drink is sexy so at least your body will feel as good as you want it to be.

Feel free to be creative and come up with new combinations, but I must urge you to drink responsibly for though I am a fan of rum I am not one for abusing the body with too much of a likely dangerous substance, so please be aware that this particular drink is for special occasions.

Recipe & Method:

  1. Get your blender out and put on some calypso!  This will make a good jugful
  2. Chop up 2 bananas and plop them in the blender.
  3. Wash a handful of basil leaves, chop them and scatter them in the blender in a really ostentatious way.  This isn’t a diet drink it’s a sexy drink!
  4. Open up a can of 150g chopped peaches in their juice and add.
  5. As the last of the juice drips down the blender do the same with half a chopped mango.  Make sure the skin is off.
  6. Save the other half of the mango for a sexy eating game with friends or as a snack.
  7. Add 2 tsps of water.
  8. Get ready for it!
  9. 3 tbsps of clear rum!  I said 3!
  10. Put the cover on the blender… Just reminding you in case you took a swig and are feeling a little forgetful.
  11. Blend all of the ingredients together.
  12. Pour into a jug and serve chilled.


I like turtles.

Saffy’s Juicing & Dieting Tips:

  • I recommend the juicing technique because it provides a lot of natural sugars BUT… the acids from acidic fruits such as oranges can cause further damage to the teeth like fizzy drinks so try drinking through a straw.
  • Do not use juicing as a substitute for meals unless the smoothie or juice has the nutrients which make up for the recommended daily intake.  Vitamin C is great but what about the other vitamins? To loose weight you need a balanced diet and exercise.
  • Juicing does not mean you should stop drinking water.  Add water to some of your juices to loosen them up and use vegetables like cucumber with a high water content.
  • Last but not least, you declared that you wanted to give up fizzy drinks completely and though it is good to give up a bad habit making these sorts of decisions may be your downfall if you find it too difficult.  Take little steps and give up things weekly or monthly rather than an outright year otherwise it is all you’ll be thinking about.

Disclaimer:  The sender’s personal details have been withheld.  Their age and dietary requirements have been identified so the recipe is suited to them.  Please drink responsibly and seek medical advice before dieting.

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