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Lentils Shepherd’s Pie

June 7, 2015

Heart of the Home

Nigella was absolutely right that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  Not only does food bring people together but it makes you feel better too.  My mummy has not been feeling very well and I couldn’t risk making anything that had too many different flavours and may unsettle the stomach.  This shepherd’s pie has a lot of good nutrients and has enough flavour to keep you satisfied but not overwhelm you.

This recipe was taken from Silvana Franco’s The Really Useful Ultimate Student Cookbook (Murdoch Books, 2007).


1 tbsp vegetable oil, 1 onion (finely chopped), 1 carrot (finely diced), 250g tinned browned lentils (drained, do not use dry), 450ml vegetable stock, 500g potatoes (peeled and sliced into chunks, trust me it’s worth the effort), 2 tbsps milk, small knob of butter, 1 tbsp mixed herbs, salt and pepper, 2 tomatoes (skinned and diced), 60g frozen peas, 1 tsp dried parsley.


1. Heat the oil in a large pan over a medium heat.
2. Fry the onion and carrot for 5 minutes until softened.
3. Add the lentils and stock, then cover and simmer for 30 minutes until tender.
4. In the meantime cook the potatoes in boiling salted water until tender.
5. Drain well and mash with the milk, butter and seasoning to taste.
6. Pre heat the oven to 220 degrees C.
7. Stir in the tomatoes, peas and parsley into the lentils and simmer together, uncovered, for 10 minutes.
8. Season to taste and spoon into an oven proof dish.
9. Top with the mash potato and smooth down with the back of a fork.
10. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes until golden brown and heated through.


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