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Fennel Beans and Chicken Soup (Dream 7)

April 15, 2015

Serious Running

In my dream I was running and running and running.  I do not think I was trying to loose weight I guess I was just having a Forest Gump moment.  When I woke up I felt like cooking chicken for dinner.  I noticed that my mummy had been working out so it was agreed this soup would be a great easy going lunch.

This recipe was taken from Good Housekeeping Magazine (May, 2013).


1 tbsp vegetable oil, 6 skinless chicken thigh fillets (sliced), 1 large fennel bulb (roughly chopped), 2 leeks (sliced), 1 litre chicken stock, 410g canellini beans (drained), 1 courgette (freshly chopped), large handful fresh tarragon (chopped).


1. Heat the oil in a large casserole dish over a high hob heat.
2. Fry the chicken until golden.
3. Remove the chicken from the pan and set aside.
4. Discard most of the oil and return the pan to the heat.
5. Add the fennel, leeks and gently fry until soft for about 10 minutes.
6. Add a little water if the pan looks dry.
7. Return the chicken to the pan and then pour in the chicken stock.
8. Bring up to the boil, cover and simmer for 5 minutes.
9. Stir in the beans and chopped courgette and heat through.
10. Stir through the tarragon and check the seasoning.
11. Serve as it is or with bread.


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