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Potato, Courgette and Leek Bake

February 15, 2014

Vegetable Hot Pot

The storms were actually quite ridiculous and as I trudged through the rain I saw people packed in fast food places and opting for convenient food.  The problem with bad weather is that it hardens your mood and causes you to make quick decisions without thinking of the best possible outcome.  Your priorities are to get warm, get comfortable and get fed.  Here is what I did… I made some beautiful hot chocolate then I sat down and looked around the kitchen for some inspiration.  My aunty had an abundance of vegetables, some cheese and some milk and some flour.  If you cannot work with the simplest ingredients you are never going to be resourceful.

This recipe was adapted from Helen Aitken’s The Really Useful Ultimate Student Vegetarian Cookbook (Murdoch Books, 2008).



2 tbsps olive oil, 1 large leek (chopped),  300g potatoes (peeled and sliced), 2 courgettes (chopped), 25g butter, 25g flour, skimmed milk, 50g smoked mature cheese (grated), 1 beef tomatoes (sliced).


1. In a large pan heat the oil over a medium heat.
2. Boil a large pot of lightly salted water.
3. Put the potatoes in the water.
4. Fry the leeks and the courgettes.
5. Drain the potatoes when softened and place half at the bottom of an oven proof dish.
6. When the leeks and courgettes have softened place over the vegetables.
7. Layer on the rest of the potatoes.
8. In a small pan melt the butter and mix the flour together quickly.
9. Slowly pour in the milk and keep whisking.
10. Remove from the heat and mix in the cheddar.
11. Pour the sauce over the vegetables and top with the sliced tomatoes.
12. Bake in the oven for 40 minutes.


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