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Mash Up Eggs

September 22, 2013

With a side of dumplings

I wanted to make a lovely breakfast which allowed me to use my lovely dumplings as a side.  Mash up eggs is pretty much scrambled eggs which loads of veggies and lovely flavours as opposed to a simple salt and pepper seasoning.  It hits the spot and is perfect for weekends.

This recipe was adapted from Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Cookbook (Collins, 2008).

Mash Up Eggs


2 eggs, 3 tbsps milk, salt and pepper, 1 garlic clove (finely chopped), 2 spring onions (chopped), 1 medium tomato (chopped), vegetable oil.


1. Beat the eggs in the bowl.
2. Beat in the milk and season with salt and pepper.
3. Stir in the garlic, spring onion and tomato.
4. Pour the oil into a frying pan, tip the oil around the base.
5. Pour the egg mixture into the frying pan and when it begins to set remove the edges from the sides.
6. I cook my eggs like scrambled eggs, but do allow the mixture to set before flipping or gently mixing.
7.   When the egg is ready serve with my fried dumplings…horaaay!


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