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Mud Pie Mississippi Style

August 3, 2013

All Night

When you are doing something you love it is okay to do it all night.  It is allowed.  I was having a stressful day and I wanted to cook something with chocolate in so I could taste it as I was cooking and not feel guilty.  I couldn’t give a rass! I was stressed and I wanted to have some naughty fun.  This is a very rich dessert.  It tastes fabulous and I put rum in it.

This recipe was adapted from Mary Berry’s Baking Bible (BBC Books, 2009).



350g plain chocolate, 225g butter, 2 tsps coffee granules, 2 tbsps hot water, 3 eggs, 225g light brown sugar, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 75g flour, 50g chopped walnuts, 300ml single cream, 50ml double cream, 4 tbsps rum punch, 200ml double cream and fresh fruit (to finish).



1. Melt the chocolate and the butter together.
2. Dissolve the coffee in the hot water and mix in a large bowl with the melted chocolate and butter.
3. Beat in the eggs.
4. Beat in the sugar and vanilla extract.
5. Fold in the flour and walnuts.
6. Pour the mixture into an oven proof dish and bake for 45 minutes at 190 degrees C.
7. When slightly cooled mash up once again into a large bowl and beat with the single cream and 50ml of the double cream.
8. When the chocolate cake resembles a mousse creamy mixture mix in the rum and spoon into an dish.
9. Pipe or spoon the cream on the top of the mixture but make sure the chocolate cake is cool enough.
10. Scatter some fresh fruit over the top for decoration.


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  1. Looks amazing! Great post!

  2. Thank you x

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