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Pasta Napolitana

July 9, 2013

Road to Success

Most successful people will tell you that to be successful you need an excellent foundation.  Whether this is from work, your passion and anything that drives you building a solid foundation through education and your talents can make you the best that you can be.  This is actually the same with food.  Knowing the basics like how to make a good sauce can assist in you pulling off some fantastic classic recipes.  Knowing how to make a great classic tomato sauce can give you a great deal of confidence.  So many cuisines use tomato sauce as a base, so even if you do not cook often this is a great recipe to learn.

This recipe was adapted from Silvana Franco’s The Really Useful Ultimate Student Cookbook (Murdoch Books, 2007).

Pasta Napolitana


2 tbsps olive oil, 1 onion (finely chopped), 2 garlic cloves (finely chopped), 400g canned chopped tomatoes, 1 tbsp tomato puree, 1 tsp dried oregano, pinch of sugar, black pepper, 250g pasta, grated cheddar cheese (to serve).


1. Heat the oil in a saucepan and gently cook the onion and garlic for 5 minutes until softened.
2. Add the tomatoes, puree, sugar, oregano and a dash of black pepper.
3. Bring to the boil and simmer gently uncovered for 30 minutes.
4. Meanwhile cook the pasta.
5. When the pasta has cooked, drain then mix the pasta in the sauce.
6. Divide into plates and serve with cheese.

Serving Suggestions:

1. Parmesan cheese and freshly chopped basil.
2. Tuna and black olives.
3. Chilli and pork sausages.
4. Mozzarella and roasted peppers.


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