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Butternut Rice

May 30, 2013

Safiya’s Wonders

I cannot wait until I get the opportunity to explore the Caribbean.  Until then I can only dream and imagine what it would be like to enjoy all of the delights the wonders waiting for me have to offer.  A talented chef roamed the Caribbean learning more about the cuisines part of his heritage and he was so incredibly lucky and he knew it.  He passed on a great deal of exciting ideas, he encouraged me even more to find my own paradise.  I made this pumpkin rice but I enhanced it by including some wonderful spices which are commonly used in the island of Antigua.  I love to make exciting new rice flavours.  It is only a matter of time before I venture out into the world gathering ideas for my ultimate projects.  This rice is amazing.

This recipe’s creation started from Caribbean Food Made Easy with Levi Roots (Octopus Publishing Group Limited, 2009).



1/2 a medium butternut squash, 5 sprigs of thyme, salt, 450g basmati rice, 15g butter, 1 tsp nutmeg, 1/2 tsp mixed spice.



1. Boil the squash in salted water.
2. When boiled peel and mash up.  Set aside.
3. Pour the rice into a saucepan and wash it with cold water to remove any extra starch.
4. Fill it with water with about an inch of water added to the top.
5. Sprinkle a dash of salt over the rice.
6. Bring the rice to the boil.
7. Cover and let simmer for 45 minutes until the rice has cooked and the water has evapourated.
8. Mix 15g of butter into the rice.
9. In a large dish gently fold the rice and squash together.
10. Mix int he thyme, nutmeg and spice.
11. Season to taste then serve.


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