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Giant Chocolate Cornflake Pie

May 2, 2013

Friends on a journey

I called upon friends because I was in need of some advice, encouragement and emotional support after bad news.  I made this chocolate treat so they could have their moods at ease during or after telling them my worries.  I invited them to come as soon as they could and so I had to make them a snack which  took little preparation but maximum love.  This may seem like a childlike treat, but I personally think it is for good friends who want to reflect on their journey and remember the good times.  Also it’s nice for friends to act like children, screaming and shouting for joy in each other’s company.  Good times indeed.  Chocolate and cornflakes, there was something about these ingredients that calmed me before revealing my news.

This recipe was adapted from Good Housekeeping Magazine (April 2013).



250g dark chocolate, 200g milk chocolate, 100g butter (chopped), 3 tbsps golden syrup, lots of cornflakes.



1. Melt the chocolates.
2. Mix the melted chocolate, butter and golden syrup into a large bowl.
3. Pour in a load of cornflakes.  Enough to fill a small baking tin and enough to be completely coated in chocolate.
4. Pour the chocolate cornflakes into a spring form baking tin and then chill for a minimum of 2 hours.
5. When set cut into slices and serve.


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