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Breakfast Cream Cheese Frostings

March 7, 2013

Breakfast Biscuits 

I was always against breakfast biscuits because I felt that the concept destroyed  the joy of breakfasts.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so to know that people were being advised to eat a few biscuits with some boring accompaniment horrified me.  The biscuits themselves are high in sugar and calories.  The only biscuits I actually enjoy are the plain originals as a SNACK because that is what they are. So I thought why not make them as part of a dessert than a breakfast.  The plain and oat version of the original breakfast biscuits are tasty to some extent, but the yoghurt filled biscuits are disgusting in my opinion. They taste artificial and well I just had to rebel against them and find something palatable within such a yucky taste combination.  I made 2 cream cheese frostings.  One using the yoghurt bar and the other using chocolate hazelnut spread which is popularly associated with breakfast.  I did not crush the yoghurt bar completely as I liked the crunchy texture.



1 cup of butter, 8 oz full fat cream cheese, 2 tbsps icing sugar, 1 pack yoghurt filled breakfast bars, 3 tsps apricot jam,  1 tbsp chocolate hazelnut spread.


1. Beat the butter, cheese and icing sugar in a bowl.
2. Divide the frosting into two separate bowls.
3. Put the yoghurt filled breakfast bars into a small food bag and bash roughly with a rolling pin.
4. Mix the breakfast bar crumbs and apricot jam into one bowl of icing.
5. Add the hazelnut spread to the other bowl of icing and mix.

Where to put it:

Bake a plain sponge cake and layer with the icing.  I would suggest the chocolate on the top and the bar icing in the centre for a crunchy sweet unexpected surprise.




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