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Fried Porridge Balls

January 30, 2013

Extra Crispy

Restless and frustrated in bed I found myself banging the walls and screaming down the floorboards telling the other people in the apartment to shut up.  When you are really really down food can comfort you.  End of.  This one is for all the girls who are dieting but feel like shit in the morning and want a carb blow out before they face the world.  Breakfast is the most wonderful thing in the world.  It is a gift  and something that should be embraced.  Skipping breakfast will make you angry.  Okay, angrier.  So for the carb blow out after a massive argument with your man, feeling frustrated, feeling ugly, mentally weak.  This is a sexy snack/ breakfast for you super women.  Extra Crispy when you don’t give a f**k.



100g porridge, 2 tsps mixed spice, 3 tbsps honey, 25g butter, 1 tbsp marmalade, 75g flour, 1 egg, 50ml sunflower oil.



1. In a large mixing bowl mix in the porridge with the mix spice.
2. On a low heat melt the butter in two tbsps of honey and the marmalade.
3. Mix the runny mixture into the porridge.
4. In an oven proof dish or baking tin bake the porridge mix for 25 minutes at 160 degrees C.
5. Cool the oats until warm enough to handle.
6. Put the oat mix back into the mixing bowl then add the last tbsp of honey.
7. Form the mix into balls and place on a cool tray or plate.
8. Place the flour in a small bowl.
9. Beat the egg into another small bowl.
10. Heat the oil in a large frying pan.
11. Roll the balls into the flour, then dip into the egg wash and then roll back into the flour before frying.
12. Fry the balls for 2 minutes on a high heat constantly turning.
13. Repeat this process in batches until you have used up the porridge mix.

Birdspeed’s Serving Ideas:

1. Your favourite jam.
2. Yoghurt.


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