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Toffee Cake

January 24, 2013

Sweet Girl 

So there’s this guy I had a fling with a long time ago and out of no where he starts asking me for money.  I was his “sweet girl” and he was my “JAG”.  I thought I was in love with him and I kept him in my head for a very long time.  We even had a special place and I even said to myself to this day I will tell no one  where that place is.  So anyway he gets angry at me because I can’t help him in the ways that he would like and curses me as if I were his worst enemy.  He said he never loved me and that I am a “possessive dog”.  I have no idea what I did to make him hate me so much,  I swear down all I ever did was show him affection.  Nonetheless here I am and there he is.  2 people out of love with each other, but connected in some way or the other.  I had recently learnt how to make toffee, the sweetness of the confectionery reminded me of my pet name sweet girl.  So there you go this is a cake based on what was and tasting just as sweet.  A toffee cake for sweet girls that will always stay sweet even if they  encounter bitter, sour, gone off, foil, spoilt, nasty smelling, rancid ingredients.



50g butter, 125 ml pouring golden syrup, 100g muscavado sugar, 150ml double cream, 150g self – raising flour, 1/2 tsp baking powder.


1. In a pan melt the butter, syrup and sugar to a medium heat.
2. Add the cream and keep stirring until it forms into a caramel.
3. Pour the mixture into a mixing bowl and then sieve in the flour and baking powder.
4. Pour the mixture into a pre prepared cake tin.  With a spoon make a swirl pattern in the top of the cake.
5. Bake at 180 degrees for 40 minutes.


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