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Jamaican Fruit Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake

January 24, 2013

Cooking the most of it

I was given 6 shop brought Jamaican Cakes and 1 large shop brought plain cheap  fruit cake as a gift for cooking a meal for a friend.  I am really not a fan of  packaged cake.  I do not know what is them,  I can’t understand most of the ingredients.  I don’t like knowing they are cheap because that scares me.  However, cheap cakes do have their uses.  They can be used as a cheat to make other desserts and I suppose they can be tested to see if you can improve on the recipe.  I really did not enjoy them as much as I would have liked to.  They didn’t taste rich and loving.  The cakes were kinda dry and boring to be honest.  I remembered a recipe using Jamaica cakes for a sticky toffee pudding.  I then tried to recreate the recipe using the brought cakes.  Tasted delicious and extremely indulgent, I had 2 bites and I was done.  I would have gotten more satisfaction from making the cakes myself, but, as it was still essay month I suppose I was grateful for the extra help.

This recipe was adapted from  Television show Come Dine with Me Season 28 Ep 5 (Channel 4).



Jamaica Ginger cakes (4 will do), 1 plain store brought fruit cake (not the Christmas cake the plain sponge with a few raisins and sultanas, the super duper broke ass cheap one), 50g butter, 100g light muscavado sugar, 120 ml pouring golden syrup, 150ml double cream, extra for serving.



1. In an oven proof dish crumble and press in the fruit loaf.
2. Layer it with the Jamaica cakes, sliced and crumbled.
3. When both have been pressed in start on the toffee.
4. In a pan over a medium heat place in the butter, sugar and syrup.
5. When it has dissolved and a caramel has formed mix the cream into the caramel.
6. Pour this over the cake.
7. Bake for 25 minutes at 160 degrees C.
8. Serve the cake with the cream.

Saffy’s Top Rant:

I think it would be shocking if this person won Come Dine With Me! The Jamaica cake should have been hand made!  I don’t care how good it tasted! Chat Back!


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