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Vanilla Custard Ice Cream

December 28, 2012

Saffy’s Christmas Cook – Off

Chapter 14

Safiya’s mother loved ice cream.  She also remembered her grandmother loving it too.  Last year she brought her mother an ice cream maker for Christmas.  Her mother was not too impressed.  Safiya had brought it more as an ode to her grandmother it became important for Safiya to have ice cream  in her mother’s home.  It made her feel safe.  It is funny, the human mind, the things we hold on to in order to maintain the memories of loved ones.  The base of the ice cream was a vanilla custard, a delicious one at that.  Safiya had always wanted to know how to make custard and hated the powdered version.  Each time she had attempted the powdered version it was a cooking nightmare.  There was always too many gloopiness and nasty bits, the lumpiness was just too embarrassing.  Luckily Safiya had found other ways to use custard powder and actually thought that her custard was the best she had ever eaten.  The only thing Safiya ever boasts about is her food, she intended to  keep on doing it.  She thought it’s nice to have something you can brag about.  Every person deserves to have a niche or 8.



3 egg yolks, 75g caster sugar, 225ml skimmed milk, 225ml double cream, 2tsps vanilla essence



1. Place the egg yolks and sugar in a glass bowl and beat together.
2. In a saucepan slowly bring the milk to a boiling point.
3. Pour the milk onto egg mixture and beat together.
4. Return the mixture to the pan stirring constantly until it thickens. (Do not let it boil.)
5. Remove from the heat and leave it until it is cold.
6. Stir in the cream and vanilla essence.
7. Pour the mixture into the bowl with the paddle running.
8. Allow to freeze until desired consistency is achieved.


Saffy’s Ice Cream Maker Musts:

1. Leave the Ice Cream bowl in the freezer the night before to get cold.
2. Do not use metal to scoop out the ice cream.
3. Even when you thick the ice cream is at the desired consistency after churning keep checking it and mixing it in the freezer.  It is easy to misjudge the consistency so because you cannot scoop the ice cream back into the ice cream maker it is easier to do the rest by hand.



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