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Messy and Sexy Cheese on Bread

November 25, 2012

Lick Ya Fingers!

It was 3pm, I had lectures and study periods for 5 hours straight, 2 of which included a dance session. I needed food.  Good food. I wasn’t in the mood for something too heavy, but I did want instant satisfaction.  I did not want sweet indulgent rubbish.  I wanted hot fiery cheesy goodness with lots of seasoning.  My cheese on bread is all these things, plus it is finger licking good. Sweet chutney, Worcestershire sauce, fiery hot ketchup and melted cheese.  Yuup Saffy did it again!


2 slices soya and linseed bread, sliced mature cheddar cheese, 2 tbsps sweet chutney, 1 tbsp hot fiery pepper sauce and 2 tsps Worcestershire sauce.


1. Toast 1 side of the bread.
2. Before grilling the other side spread both slices with the 1 tbsp of chutney and pepper sauce.
3. Layer on the cheese.
4. Drizzle on the Worcestershire sauce.
5. Grill the toast until the cheese has melted.
6. On a plate mix the chutney and pepper sauce.
7. Serve the cheese on bread on the the plate with the sauce.


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