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Baked Bread Spinach & Egg Cup

October 28, 2012

Cute Dainty Breakfast Cups

I was in a really sweet mood the morning I made my breakfast cups.  I stumbled across the idea in a food magazine and became so excited I was eagerly waiting in anticipation the night before.  I can honestly say this was so much fun to make, I hope when I have a family I can use all of the holes in my muffin tray to make a big batch and just fill my kitchen with smiles.  I was in a real cute mood wearing a real cute outfit.  This breakfast is appropriate for a weekend afternoon when you feeling rich on the inside and fabulous on the outside.  It is healthy, tasty and can be flavoured with a variety of sauces of your choice.  It is basically eggs, spinach and tomato on bread… but the cuter version.

This recipe was adapted from ‘Sainsbury’s Everyday Easy Magazine’ (Issue 10).

(This is to make one but can easily be x 12 for a 12 muffin case tray.)


1 piece of wholemeal bread, a bit of margerine, 1 egg, a few leaves of spinach (chopped roughly), 1 cherry tomato (halved).


1. Use a rolling pin to flatten the wholemeal bread.
2. Remove the crust and butter lightly.
3. Press into a muffin case.
4. Arrange spinach leaves on the inside and break an egg into the bread.
5. Put the egg into an oven set at 120 degrees C and bake for 17 – 20 minutes, or desired egg consistency.  (Make sure the whole egg has cooked through if you life it runny.)
6. Place the egg on a plate when ready and top with the cherry tomato.


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