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Strawberry Victoria Love Sponge

July 1, 2012

Wedding Party Cake

My neighbours recently announced that they are engaged.  The wedding is next year and they have already started planning.  It is strange that I have friends getting married when I have only just finished my BA, but I guess some people are ready to settle down early.  Me personally I want to continue my adventures before I settle.  However, it is still right to celebrate such occasions.  They organised a baking theme wedding party and I knew I was expected to make something sensational.  I only had a few hours to create something in time, so I thought I would make my most glorious Victoria Sponge Cake yet. I was told by most people, apart from the jealous 😉 that it was the loveliest cake there.  Saffy rocks it again. I am glad I could show my congratulations and blessing to them by making them happy and the wedding party.  The look on their face when they saw it was priceless.  However, making a special gift for someone’s big day is not measured by the amount of strawberries you include, but by the amount of love and effort you put into it.  Honestly, I did put effort it.   I love to love and I love to help celebrate it.

This recipe was adapted from ‘Good Housekeeping’ (June, 2012)


Big cake serves  at least 16 people.  To make a big version pour the cake mix into a  22 inch tin and make another batch for another 22 inch tin. Then Layer.  To make a small cake divide the mixture in half for two 8 inch sponges.

225g unsalted butter (soft), 225g self-raising flour, 225g castor sugar, 4 medium eggs, 1 tbsp milk, strawberry jam, 250 ml of double cream, 250g strawberries.


1. Put the butter and the sugar in a large bowl and beat together until soft and creamy.
2. Add the eggs and beat the mix well after each addition.
3. Top stop the mixture from looking curdled and a little bit of the flour.
5. Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees C / Gas Mark 4.
6. Sieve in the flour into the cake mix.
7. Fold this until the flour is mixed.
8. Then fold in the milk.
9. If you are making a small cake use two 8 inch cake tins and divide the mixture.  If you make a big cake pour all of the mixture in a 22 inch tin and make another batch for the same sized tin.
10. Bake the small cakes for 25 minutes until the edges of the cake spring from the tin, the cakes are golden and the cake springs slightly when pressed.
11. Bake the large cakes for 40 minutes, make sure the skewer or metal cooking utensil comes out clean.
12. Leave the cakes to cool in the tins before taking them out to cool completely on wire racks.
13. Time to decorate.
14. Layer the two cakes with jam, then whipped whipping cream and sliced strawberries.
15. For the top layer I sliced strawberries and placed them stuck with a little cream to make the design.


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