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Courgette Chips

May 16, 2012
Baddest Chips in Town I have always wanted to deep fry chips, a young Barbadian gentleman in 2010 hand made chips using a frying pan and I have always wanted to copy his  technique.  But I never thought for a moment it would be using courgettes!  Trust me though, these chips are delicious, so soft, chewy and addictive.  Yes people I have made a vegetable addictive!

This recipe was adapted  from ‘The Best of Sainsbury’s Vegetarian Cooking’ (London: Reed International Books Limited, 1992)


Work out how many cougettes you want to use first, then you can work out the amount of flour.
Number of courgettes divided by 10.

500g courgettes, 50g plain flour, salt and pepper, oil for deep frying.

1. Cut the courgettes into chips.
2. Season with flour salt and pepper and mix in a bowl, make sure the chips are coated in the seasoned flour.
3. Heat the oil in a pan to 180 degrees to 190 degrees C / 350 degrees to 375 degrees F.
4. Fry the courgettes in batches for 5 minutes each.
5. Drain on kitchen paper.

Saffy’s Top Tips:
1. Make sure you wear long sleeves when frying to stop oil from splattering onto your arms.
2. If this is your first time deep fat frying make sure someone else is in the room as this can be dangerous.
3. Do not drop the chips in from high, place the chips in close to the pan.  (Obviously not so close that your fingers fry too.  Common sense people!)
4.  Try dipping the chips in salsa and/ or mayonnaise for a snack.


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