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Lemon Spinach with a Poached Egg

March 31, 2012
Good MorningThere is nothing like a good breakfast on the weekend.  A good breakfast puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day and definitely helps during the dissertation final stages. My mum taught me how to make a poached egg and reminded me that “practise makes perfect”, so I am glad that I have learnt another technique.

This recipe was adapted from Morrisons’ Magazine (Result Customer Communications, 2011).


(This recipe can be doubled, I guess I had a small appetite.) 1 Egg, 1 slice of Wholemeal Bread, a little spread, 1 crushed Garlic clove, a load ofSspinach and 1 tbsps Lemon juice. (You can save the left over spinach for a snack.)


1. Start poaching the egg by using a little vinegar in the water, cook in the hot water for at least 3 minutes.
2. Toast the bread.
3. Put the spread in another pan on a medium heat.
4. When the spread melts add the garlic and lemon juice.
5. Stir for 2 minutes then add spinach until it has wilted.
6. Use a slotted spoon to remove the egg and drain excess water on paper towel.
7. Place spinach on toast and then place the poached egg on top. Serve immediately.


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