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Cauliflower and Spring Onion Salad

March 18, 2012
Filling Salads

Salad does not mean a few leaves on  a plate or a simple garnish.  A salad can be filling and a great salad can even be served as a main meal.  This salad makes a lovely side dish for a fish course.  I also made a french dressing to go with the salad, this really gave the cauliflower a lovely flavour and worked well with the spring onion.

This recipe was adapted from ‘The Best Of Sainsbury’s For Vegetarian Cooking’ (Reed International Books Limited, 1992).


1 small Cauliflower (broken into florets), a handful of Watercress, 4 Spring Onions (chopped), 2 tbsps Sesame Seeds (roasted).

French Dressing:

For this salad I did not use measurements as I normally do. I only wanted to make a little and I didn’t want an overwhelming vinegar taste.  Make sure you taste your food, there is nothing worse than a horrible dressing on a fresh salad.

4 dashes of Olive Oil, 4 tbps White Wine Vinegar, a dollop of French Mustard, a crushed Garlic Clove, Salt and Pepper and a little sugar.

French dressing is usually made with honey, but I was not too keen on adding honey.


1. Make the french dressing by mixing all of the ingredients together.  This can be done by mixing or shaking in a blender or in a jar.

2. Cook the cauliflower for 3 minutes.  You can do this is boiling slightly salted water.
3. Drain and cool the cauliflower down. Then put in a bowl.
4. Add the watercress and spring onions.
5. Add the dressing and mix it well.
6.  Add the toasted sesame seed for some crunch, then transfer to a salad bowl.

Saffy’s Top Tip

Toasting sesame seeds really does not take long at all, after 2 minutes remove when they are brown.  You do not have to roast sesame seeds, but they do add a little something something.


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