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Spring Cheese on Toast

March 17, 2012
“Cheese On Bread!”I love creating new cheese on toast or cheese on bread recipes.  I know it’s simple but it’s a poor man’s food and I’ve been poor man walking all my life. Say Something!
This recipe was inspired by my mother.  One glorious day she decided to put spring onions on her cheese on toast. She is a genius, absolute genius it’s the best invention since…. cheese on bread! But then I decided to go even further and add some Lea and Perrins Sauce! I mean “c’mon!” (South Park Jimmy Voice)

Wholemeal Bread, Cheese ( I like to use grated mature cheddar), 2 Spring Onions (chopped up) and Lea and Perrins sauce.


1. Grill one side of toast until light brown.
2. Top the un grilled side with cheese.
3. Sprinkle on the spring onions.
4. Drizzle the sauce before the cheese grilling or at the end.
5. Take out the cheese on toast when the cheese has melted and its slight browny golden, crispy and looking gorgeous!
6. After your first bite say “Cheese on Bread Man! in a Bajan accent.  (If you can’t do this then… you’re missing out.)


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